About SOLR

Southwest Oasis Labrador Rescue (SOLR) is a nonprofit, volunteer-driven organization committed to rescuing, vetting, and finding loving homes for our rescued Labrador Retrievers and Lab Mixes. We are a virtual organization and do not maintain a shelter.  Our rescue labs are fostered in homes throughout the Tucson and Phoenix areas. We can only do the lifesaving work that we do with the generous support of our donors and volunteers.

Where do our dogs come from?

Our rescued dogs come to SOLR from throughout the southwest including Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, Utah and Sonora Mexico. We offer a safe option for owners who are forced to give up their dogs because of changing life circumstances such as relocation, financial hardship, divorce, allergies, illness, or death.  SOLR is able to give them an alternative to taking their pets to an animal shelter or humane society.  We also rescue abandoned, neglected, and even abused Labrador Retrievers or Lab mixes from shelters throughout the Southwest.


Our Board of Directors:

President:  Susan Krase                                           Treasurer:  Denise Petrovich

Vice President:  Tally Fralish                                      Director at Large:  Bryce Anderson

Secretary:  Liz McGinnis                                         Board  Advisor:  Carol Lange

Our Nonprofit Tax ID:  83-4283919


2020 Annual Report

 Here are just a few things we did in 2020!


 210 Labs joined SOLR in 2020.

  • 55% Male, 45% Female

  • 32 Puppies (age 5 months or less)

  • 24 Seniors (age 7 or over)


 205 found new, loving families.


 They were all different colors!

  • 50% yellow Labs

  • 33% black Labs

  • 14% chocolate Labs

  • 3% other


 And they came from all around the Southwestern States:

  • 40% from Arizona

  • 23% from Mexico

  • 20% from Texas

  • 15% from New Mexico

  • 3% from Utah