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Southwest Oasis Labrador Rescue is a volunteer organization. Volunteers are involved in every step of a dog’s journey from being rescued to finding their new home. Our greatest need for volunteers is Fosters, however we understand fostering is not possible for all people that want to help. We have volunteer needs, ways to get involved and help our dogs have the best possible future.

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Fostering is one of the most important roles in a rescue. By opening up your home, you’re not only helping to save lives, you’re providing the individual attention and love these dogs desperately need.

Why is fostering our greatest volunteer need?

Southwest Oasis Labrador Rescue does not have a physical shelter and boarding all of our dogs would be too costly, limiting our ability to provide extensive medical to some of our most vulnerable dogs. This means that the number of dogs we can rescue is directly impacted by the number of foster families we have.  

What does it take to be a foster?

Foster homes provide care for the dogs, a safe place to sleep, a few meals a day, exercise and lots of love. You may need to provide transportation to and from veterinary appointments or Meet and Greet events. Part of being a foster is learning about your foster dog and helping them find the right home. Although fostering can be a lot of work, it is a very rewarding experience.

For those who have other pets, they need  to be up-to-date  on vaccines (Rabies, Bordatella, and DAAP) and be spayed or neutered.



Being part of the Home Visit Team helps our dogs find the right family, and a family looking to adopt the right dog. It's a win - win!


How does being part of the Home Visit Team help? 

Home Visit Volunteers are critical for our dogs finding the right home. Each dog has a unique personality and needs. Our Fosters help identify what our our dogs need, but it is our house check team that helps adopters clarify what traits they want or need. Do they want a running partner or a couch potato? Are the up for fully training a puppy including house training, or do they want an older dog that is a bit more seasoned with their social graces? All of these and so much more are important to helping our dogs find a successful match for their new home.

What do I during Home Visits?

As part of the Home Visit Team you will review an application and set up time to go to the applicants home when everyone is home. Here you will meet with them and help gather information for SOLR to determine whether the applicants can provide a great home for our dogs, and what type of dog are they looking to adopt.

Home Visit Team


Whether you want to call it Lab Cabs,Canine Chauffeur, or simply transporting, providing transportation helps move our dogs through their journey to finding their future home.

When do our dogs need transportation?

The short answer is always! Transportation doesn't just get a dog from point A to Point B. It gets them from our Veterinary Partners to their foster homes where they can finally relax. It gets them one step of the way in a long journey from a shelter to our intake team. Transports happen 7 days a week, and can be short trips around Tucson or Phoenix, or longer treks to help bring a new dog in. Where, when, and how much you drive is up to you. 

What do I need to transport?

There are the simple things: time, a reliable vehicle that can fit a Labrador size dog, fuel for your vehicle, and ​a valid driver's license. A kennel can be extremely helpful to keep your travel companion from trying to assist you while driving. Other things like extra leashes, collars, and harnesses can help keep your new friend safe. 



Administrative & Professional Services

We are always looking for volunteers who are experienced professionals that are willing to volunteer their time to help support Southwest Oasis Labrador Rescue.

If you have experience in web and/or social media management, data entry, photography, special event planning, non-for-profit fundraising, or other professional services that you are willing to volunteer your time for, please contact SOLR at to get involved.

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