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Adoption Process

You must live in Arizona to adopt one of our dogs.  Seasonal residents are encouraged to apply, but are considered on a case-by-case basis.

 Currently, SOLR does not adopt dogs into service, therapy, or support roles.

Please note the COVID-19 statement under the adopt tab.  

Complete an Adoption Application

The first step is to complete an adoption application and pay a $15 application fee. The adoption application is our way of learning more about you, your home, and your family so we can help you find the best dog for you.

Speak with a Home Visit Team Member

Once your form and fee have been received, a volunteer from our Home Visit Team will be assigned your application. Your assigned Home Visit Team member will work with you to schedule a home visit and interview.

Veterinary and References Check

The Home Visit team will contact your veterinary office to learn more about how you have cared for your pets. Your personal references help us learn more about you from the people who know you best. Great personal references are often neighbors, or family or friends who have been to your home frequently and/or are familiar with your current or previous pets.

Your Home Visit

Your Home Visit will be virtual or in person at this time.  The volunteer will need to have a tour of your home and  meet you and your family in the home where you will be caring for your future Lab. All members of the household must be present for the home visit. The home visit volunteer will answer questions you have about our rescue and adoption process.

Looking For Your Future Lab!

Once your application has been approved you will be given access to Paw-Print.   Paw-Print is a Tuesday and Friday email that lists all of our available dogs and how to contact their foster families.


Scheduling a Meet and Greet

When you see a dog you are interested in, contact the foster family to see if you and the dog are a match! 

Meeting a Dog at their Foster Home

Our fosters live in Arizona, and the Meet and Greet typically takes about an hour. We require that all family members (human and canine) be present for the meeting. If for some reason not all members can be present, you need to discuss this with the foster or your Home Visit Team member prior to the meeting.

Deciding to Adopt

When you decide you want to adopt the dog you are visiting, we do a 24 hour wait period. Many of our Labs are very cute, and we want to make sure everyone has time to think about the decision. After the 24 hours wait, you and the foster family will determine if this is the right match. If all parties agree, you will work with the Foster family to bring your new family member home.

Completing the Adoption Contract

Once you have decided to adopt, you and the foster will complete the adoption contract.  All adults living in the household will need to be present and sign the form.  At this time, you will pay the adoption fee. Once the contract and adoption fee have been received, the dog you have adopted becomes a member of your family! 

Post Adoption Check in

After you have adopted your dog from SOLR, the Foster or a volunteer will reach out to you to see how your new dog and your family is adjusting. They will also try to answer questions you may have or connect you with appropriate resources. 

Adoption Fees

Our Adoption fees go to caring for our dogs including medical care, vaccinations, and micro-chipping. Our Adoption Fees are non-refundable. Adoption fees are collected at time of contract, and one of the last pieces in the Adoption Process.


Less than 6 Months of Age.

Cute as an be, just learning their manners and growing every day!


Adolescent and Adult Dogs

6 Months to 5 Years in Age.

Exuberant and may have some manners. Can hold 'it' for more than 2 hours.


Mature Dogs and Seniors

6 Years of Age and Older.

More mellow and emotionally mature than younger dogs. No puppy teeth.


Bonded Pairs

Sometimes we get Bonded Pairs. Bonded Pairs are dogs that need to stay together for their emotional well-being. Many have lived together for many years, were litter mates, or have gone through many experiences and find support and comfort in each other. To facilitate the adoption of Bonded Pairs and keeping them together, we will discount the adoption fee of the older dog by 50%.

Adoption Process
Adoption Fees

Adoption Application

Are you ready to start the adoption process? 

Adoption App
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