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Southwest Oasis Labrador Rescue

 SOLR is a 501(c)(3) non-profit volunteer organization dedicated to the rescue and adoption of homeless Labrador Retrievers and their offspring that are in need of safe and loving homes.


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What Saving A Life Costs

The adoption fees we receive do not cover all of the ongoing veterinary expenses we incur. We rely on your generous contributions to allow us to continue saving the lives of the Labradors we rescue. Sponsorship is a great way to suppport either a specific medical needs dog or a general  sponsorship.

Did you know?


Donating $20 PROTECTS rescued 

Labradors with vaccines.

Did you know?


Donating $40

helps FEED and entertain our rescued  Labradors.

Did you know?


Donating $75 helps REDUCE  the homeless dog population through spay/neuter.

Did you know?


Donating $150 helps a rescued  Labrador become adoption ready via behavioral training.

Other Ways to Help

Do you go grocery shopping? Do you drink coffee?

 Do you walk your dog?

Did you know you can help support Southwest Oasis Labrador Rescue by doing things you may already be doing everyday?


Support us when you make purchases from our partner organizations.

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